Matsuri 2018 Performers

Reiko Obata

Japanese American koto performer who plays traditional and contemporary Japanese koto music. Let’s listen to the amazing music created by the hand of Reiko Obata!

UCSD Orgs:

Hawaii Club

The UCSD Hawaii Club is a social and cultural dance organization that practice many different styles of dance from a collection of different Polynesian islands. It welcomes all kinds of members as it aims to share the culture of the islands with everyone. UCSD Hawaii Club perform will a culture dance of the Islands.

Intermission Orchestra

Intermission Orchestra plays music, everything from video game music, film music, classical music, jazz, and they’re own original compositions! Come watch some of the best orchestral music you can find at UCSD.

Asayake Taiko

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum. And Asayake Taiko is the one brings UCSD students this amazing music done by Taiko. Let’s experience the power and human kindness together!

Body Rock

UCSD dance group that specializes in breaking. Are you a break dance fan? Come to see their dance, you would find people who share the same excitement as you do!


A gathering of people who love and are passionate about music and singing. Their voices would give you a new impression of music.

Kendo Club

Kendo is a Japanese martial art that descends from Japanese sword fighting. Are you interested in Kendo but have nowhere to experience it? This is the first place you should come!

Chinese Dance Association

A group that continues the beautiful transitional Chinese dance and share it with the society. And now they have created their own style with both Eastern and Western cultures. Are you ready for this?

Hopkin Sax Jam

Do you love music? Have you ever enjoy the beautiful sound of saxophone? Hopkin Sax Jam would bring you a great experience of saxophone music.