Matsuri 2020 Performers

Reiko Obata

A California native, Reiko Obata is a leading American koto player of both traditional and jazz koto. She studied under masters in the U.S. and Japan, including composer Shinichi Yuize. She has a music master’s degree from San Diego State and a grandmaster degree from the Seiha School of Japanese Music. Reiko has produced many videos and books on koto, including the first English language reference book. She has released several CDs including a jazz CD. Her music has been featured on KPBS-TV as well as the international box office hit “Monkey King 2.”

BTSD Ondo Dancers

Representing the Buddhist Temple of San Diego, our odori (dance) group enjoys sharing the Japanese folk dances that we do at our Bon Odori Observance in August.

San Diego Taiko

San Diego Taiko is a close-knit, open-hearted group of individuals who are passionate about learning Japanese drumming or taiko. They find joy in sharing it through performance, practice, and community building. Based out of the World Beat Center in Balboa Park, the group embraces the diversity of its hometown and draws inspiration from the intercultural background and musical influences of its members. San Diego Taiko’s repertoire includes traditional as well as modern styles of taiko.

San Diego Kimono Club

San Diego Kimono club was formed in 2013. The members are all volunteers who love Japanese culture and want to carry on their Japanese heritage. They especially love wearing kimonos and have been invited to many different occasions to put on Kimono Shows. The kimonos are very special garments and some members have worn ones that are over one hundred years old. Some kimonos have been passed down from their grandmothers and their mothers. It is a beautiful family legacy.

UCSD Orgs:

Hawaii Club

Hawai’i Club is a cultural and social club that celebrates, teaches, and promotes the Polynesian culture. Join us in our weekly practices on Sundays and come to our annual spring lu’ua on May 5th. We welcome people from all experiences, backgrounds, and cultures while promoting a fun and family-oriented atmosphere. For more information please see our Facebook page, @HawaiiClubatUCSD.

Duly Noted

We are UCSD’s Duly Noted, a co-ed A Cappella founded in 2012 and rapidly growing ever since! Members not only share a love for singing, but also for each other. Our dedication to both has lead us to perform dozens of arrangements written by our own members, host shows, and compete throughout Southern California. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @ucsddulynoted

Hopkin Sax Jam

Hopkins Sax Jam (HopSax) is an all-saxophone music group that rehearses in Hopkins Parking Structure. We perform around campus and the greater San Diego area, particularly on the streets of Gaslamp Quarters.

Chinese Dance Association

UCSD Chinese Dance Association was founded in Fall 2009 by four girls who wanted to bring traditional Chinese dance to UCSD. Our group has since grown, creating a bridge between classical dances of the East and modern forms of the West. We welcome everyone that has a passion for Chinese dance and culture. Our members range from experienced dancers to absolute beginners, and we perform both on campus and throughout the local community. Chinese Dance Association strives to bring Chinese culture to a broader audience through the art of dance.

Intermission Orchestra

The Intermission Orchestra is a student-run organization dedicated to playing music from video games, anime, and films. With our performances, we aim to bring music out from the screen and into tangible space, live. What was background music is now the feature. Catch our main concert at the end of every quarter — our Spring 2019 concert is on Saturday, June 1.

Kendo Club

The Kendo Club at UCSD was founded in 1998. The club seeks to promote awareness and appreciation of the Japanese martial art, kendo. Members have gone on to compete at the national and international level. If you are interested in kendo, please join the Kendo Recreation Class offered through the UCSD Recreation Department. It’s a great way for beginners to learn kendo from an experienced individual in a welcoming environment!

Frequency Acapella

Frequency is UCSD’s only all-male a cappella group. Founded in 2008, Frequency has been dedicated to entertaining those of all ages with their unique vocal sound and charm. The group’s most recently competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Asayake Taiko

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum. And Asayake Taiko is the one brings UCSD students this amazing music done by Taiko. Let’s experience the power and human kindness together!

Finesse Dance

Finesse is a contemporary-based dance company at UCSD. Our purpose is to provide an outlet for dancers who come to college seeking to continue their passion for dance in addition to pursuing higher education. We provide an opportunity for students who wish to build upon their talent and creativity as well as forming a united community.

Hugo’s Band

Hugo’s Band will be performing a variety of songs at Matsuri Festival! Come and join us at 9:25pm on the stage to find out who the members of the band are!