Matsuri 2019 Games

Yutaka Photobooth

Come strike a pose in a traditional Japanese yukata and complete your Matsuri experience. These light, cotton, gowns are adorned with intricate patterns that will brighten up your night. Come and take photos with your family and friends!

Balloon Pop

Are you good at playing darts? Pop the balloons and show off your targeting skills!

Yoyo Tsuri

A game of wits, courage, and patience. Try to scoop up water balloons from a pool without breaking the hook!

Taiko No Tatsujin

Play this awesome rhythm game based off of traditional Japanese drumming. With many songs from popular Jpop to choose from, you’re bound to have a good time!

Rope Drawing

Are you feeling lucky today? Come and draw a rope to see if you can win a big prize!!

Ramune Pong

Throw the ping pong balls into the red cups! With three different levels, challenge yourself and win prizes!

Ring Toss

Toss a ring and try to land it over the mouth and neck of the glass bottles! The more rings you make, the bigger the prize!

Korokoro Viking

Guide the ball from the top of the board all the way to the bottom without having it drop into the holes! Play this game with your friends and win big prizes!

These are our current list of games. There may be new updates with details later on.